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3 Health Reasons of Maintaining Clean Windows

Dirty windows are no joke. If they aren’t regularly cleaned, it can lead to health issues and the formation and buildup of dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss a few health reasons and benefits of maintaining a good routine of cleaning your windows.

Prevents mold

Did you know that mold can easily form on your windows and window sills? The combination of condensation and a warm, dark environment creates a situation in which mold can form and thrive. If you see any dark or brown spots forming on your window sill, it may be time to call in some professional help. It’s important to eliminate mold as fast as possible before it can spread and cause respiratory infections. Keeping a good routine of dusting and wiping your window sill will prevent dirt and mold build up.

Less Allergies

Windows are a place where dust and dirt can easily accumulate, especially in the corners, on the window tracks, and the window screen. When you open your windows during warm or hot seasons, the dust and pollen will blow into your home. This can make your allergies even worse, especially if you’re already sensitive to it. Regularly wiping down the corners and crevices of your window and window sill can make a huge difference. 

Less Insects

If you have an exterior window screen, insects often find their way on there to nest. Not to mention, the corners of your window sill are a common spot for spiders to web down and lay their eggs. Prevent potential bug bites and insects from entering your home by routinely dusting and wiping down your windows.


To maintain the cleanliness and beautiful appearance of your home and windows, it’s best to rely on professional services. At Ernest Windows, we provide premium window washing services to residential and commercial clients. We are known for our reliability and efficiency. Visit our website to learn more about our services or call us at (800) 270-6228 for a free consultation or quote.

Pros & Cons of Tinting Your Home’s Windows

Tinting a building’s windows involves adding custom fitted tinted films to the buildings existing windows. There are different varieties of window films, all of which claim to have specific benefits. In this month’s blog we discuss what to expect when tinting your home’s windows, whether or not it’s worth the investment, and if it will affect how they’re cleaned!

The Pros

Privacy: Well applied tint can significantly improve privacy one can expect to receive in their home. During the daylight hours you’ll still benefit from natural light and an outdoor view without sacrificing privacy or security.

Cost Savings: Depending on your climate, tinted windows can be a great money saving investment when it comes to achieving improved temperature control and reducing fading on furniture and carpets.

Reduced glare: By tinting one or several of your windows you can finally rid yourself of those frustrating glares on your television and computer screens around your home.

Easy to clean: Fortunately, tinting your windows won’t affect how they need to be cleaned, which products need to be used, or how often they need to be cleaned.

The Cons

Not all tints are created equal: Different types of tint may or may not work on your home’s windows, depending on glass compatibility. There are also different qualities of tint to look out for, so it’s crucial your tint is purchased from a reputable and trustworthy source.

Could void your warranty: In some cases tinting new windows can potentially void their warranties. Before adding tint to your windows be sure to check with your window manufacturer to confirm if adding window film will void your warranty or not.

Won’t increase homes value: Unfortunately despite their considerable investment, window films will most likely not increase the value of your home.

Upfront Cost: Fitting and applying window films properly and without bubbles is a slow and laborsome task. Due to this, the cost of tinting your home’s windows can be significant depending on the number and size of the window panels.

Final Thoughts

Did you know the professionals at Ernest Windows are the top window cleaning experts in the greater Chicago community? Our team has experience working with tinted and untinted windows of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions or wish to set up an appointment please contact us call us at (800) 270-6228.

What’s in Your Window Cleaning Bucket?

How do window washers get glass windows so clean and shiny? Well it all depends on what they have in their cleaning bucket. Most window experts are equipped with the essential items, such as microfiber cloths and scrapers. However, we’ve listed a few more items that are key to have the high shine you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn more!


Washing specialists utilize a larger, wider bucket for cleaning supplies with poles and other attachments. Buckets with handles and a rolly feature are also a plus. It’s much simpler to haul supplies when you have the right bucket for the job. Typical window cleaning buckets can be found at local stores, but if you’re looking for a specialty container, then you might have to search online.


Squeegees can be purchased almost anywhere, but finding a quality squeegee is important if you want to properly wash a window. Window Washer comments, “Good quality squeegees will usually come assembled from three pieces. The handle, the channel and the piece of rubber supported by the channel. The rubber can be turned over when it gets old, and then replaced when both sides have worn out.” There are also various sizes of squeegees to match your window washing needs.


Even with a little hard work, some window washing jobs require a scraper. The scraper allows to get close to the glass to remove buildup and other junk. Small safety scrapers can be used for light maintenance, while large scrapers can be fitted onto a pole for larger areas. Be warned: scrapers CAN scratch the glass. It’s best to let a professional do this part!


The pros have their own formula that they use, but you can pick up window washing formula from your local store. The best formulas are the ones that get nice and soapy. With more suds, the rubber part of your squeegee can easily glide across the glass and remove any dirt/grease without any difficulty.


At Ernest Windows, we provide our customers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for every window washing service. You can see the quality workmanship our professional & friendly make to your home, using environmentally friendly materials and all sizes of ladders to get the job done right. Inquire about our services today by calling 800-270-6228 or visiting us online.

“No House/Job is Too Big or Too Small!”

Window Washing Mistakes

After you have finished cleaning a window, you step back and look at it closely. Are there remaining spot marks? Do you see streaks across the glass where you just wiped? If so, you may be cleaning your windows the wrong way. This can be annoying when you have to repeat your cleaning job. In this blog, we discuss window-washing mistakes you’re making!

Cleaning Windows on a Sunny Day

Bright, sunny days seem like the perfect opportunity to clean your windows, right? While the sun can dry your windows quickly, this can also work against your cleaning strategy. Your lather and cleaning products can dry before you have the chance to wash them, leaving behind unwanted streaks and marks. Instead of rushing around, it is recommended to wash on a cloudy day. This allows more time to properly wash and wipe away the cleaning product.

Using the Wrong Materials to Dry

If you are drying your windows with a hand towel, dishrag, or old sock, you might want to consider another material. The type of drying material you are using can make a huge difference. You are not going to get the results you want with a fibrous towel. Instead, it is best to wipe with a soft, microfiber cloth. It will absorb the water with ease and won’t leave any debris like a normal towel would.

Cleaning One Side, But Not the Other

Cleaning one side of the window is more common than you think. You may think your outside glass is filthier, but this is not true. In fact, “the inside of your windows is probably dirtier. Researchers found that there are more varieties of bacteria and fungi on household surfaces than there are outside. People touch and lean on windows, leaving human oils and bacteria brought in from the outdoors, workplaces, and stores.” So remember to clean both sides!


When you hire Ernest Windows for your window cleaning, we don’t make mistakes. Our professionals are quick and accurate to complete your washing job with attention to detail and customer satisfaction every step of the way. If you need window washing for your home or business, please give us a call at 800-270-6228 or visit us online.

More Windows and More Privacy

Windows are wonderful attributes in the eyes of homeowners. They allow for natural light to enter the home, offer views of nature, and even make rooms appear larger than they really are. Windows provide many benefits but unless a home is located on private land, it can seem impossible to achieve maximum privacy. Below are three great options for homeowners who value their windows and their privacy.

Window Film

One of the most cost-friendly options for improved window privacy are window films. They come in an array of appealing finishes such as plain tint, frosted glass, and even textured stained glass designs. Not only do window films provide optimum privacy while adding a decorative touch, but they also help save money by enabling better indoor climate control as well.

Solar Shades

A more high-end option for added window privacy are solar shades. Solar shades have amazing UV ray blocking abilities which are great for not only your family, but your pets, furniture, and carpet too! Solar shades block harmful rays from entering the home but will not compromise your view outside. These shades also come in an array of colors and finishes.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are window coverings that are great for families who want to filter light and more efficiently insulate their homes. One of their best characteristics is that they are cordless, making them much safer options in homes with young children. Cellular shades bring maximum privacy and are adjusted by simply moving them to the desired height. These types of shades also have a highly desirable low price point.


Windows and privacy can coexist when you find the window coverings and that work best for your family’s specific needs. The number of beautiful and effective window coverings available today enable homeowners to be able to enjoy the view of the outdoors while also protecting what they love most. Ensure your view is crystal clear with our competitive and professional window washing services, contact us here for more information.

3 Reasons to Seal and Stain Your Wood Deck

After you’ve achieved the status of best looking deck on the block, it’s crucial that you protect your new asset to the best of your abilities. Sealing or staining a wooden deck is not only the best way to ensure it can stand the test of time, but doing so is also ideal for improving and preserving its overall look and finish. Below is a small list of a few of your decks worst enemies and more information on how you can fight back.

Limit Exposure to Moisture

Every type of weather has its own unique way of working against your deck. Rain, snow and extremely cold temperatures can all have detrimental effects on vulnerable and untreated wood. Sealing rather than staining a wooden deck is the best way to keep water damage specifically at bay all year long.

UV Protection

Sun and high temperatures not only fade the color of wood but also leave it susceptible to becoming overly dry. To work against this, purchasing a sealer specifically with UV protection can help keep the wood looking natural, and prevent it from turning gray. A transparent sealer will protect and enhance the woods natural finish whereas a more solid colored sealer will provide optimum UV protection but can take away from its natural appearance.

Avoid Cracking

The combination of repeated use and exposure to moisture and other types of weather can ultimately lead to cracks, missing boards, and an overall loss of structural integrity in your deck. When neglected, cracks can quickly become dangerous and will oftentimes require professional repairs. Sealing and staining treatments are the best ways to protect your deck against the harsh weather that can lead to dangerous and unsightly cracks in a wood deck.


Your deck should be a place where you can combine a love for the outdoors with the comfort of home. A seal or stain treatment will not only save you a ton of money, it will also leave your deck looking as beautiful as ever before. Save your valuable time and money today by trusting the pros at Ernest Windows, Inc. to keep your deck looking its best for years to come.

Are You Using the Correct Window Cleaning Products?

Have you ever stared at a perfectly clean window? Did you contemplate if the window was even there? When it comes to cleaning windows and other glass items, it’s essential to use the proper products to get that clear, sparkly shine. Your cleaning supplies can make a difference between a spotless window and a window left with unattractive smudges and streaks. Continue reading to learn more about which items you should have in your wash bucket!

Glass Cleaner

Grab your cleaner of choice, but make sure to look at the ingredient label first. Is there ammonia or alcohol mixed in? Unfortunately, these agents can cause unwanted marks on your window. They can even produce a layer of film on the surface, which can attract dust and particles. If you’re going to use a solution, opt for a commercial cleaner or a make your own DIY vinegar and water mix.

Cleaning Cloth

As you’re wiping away the remaining solution, reach for a cleaning cloth with a microfiber material. The material itself is designed to remove bacteria from surfaces, without leaving any streaks on your glass. Have paper towels nearby instead? That’s fine too. Just don’t make the mistake of using a regular cloth towel. The material might not pick up the residue from the solution, or if it’s new, it can leave behind fluffy fibers.


For those tough spots that won’t go away, it’s important to be gentle. Scraping or scratching at the glass can damage the window and ruin the interior/exterior appearance. Instead, apply a solvent like acetone or rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and rubbing it directly on the spot. Wipe it dry and then continue to clean your window as you would normally.


At Ernest Windows, we can provide you with professional window washing services. Our team handles projects large and small, so give us a call to set up a consultation or get a quote. Click here for more information!

Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

“Washing the windows is my favorite chore around the house.”  It’s likely that you’ve never said that before. That’s where the right window cleaners come in. When you begin your search for window cleaners you can trust, you want ones with the years of experience necessary to exceed your expectations. If you have had a hard time finding the motivation to clean your windows, like most of us, then a professional could be the perfect choice for you. Read on and find some of the many reasons to hire a professional window cleaner for a change.

Difficult High Windows

The last thing you want to do is injure yourself with a nasty fall while attempting to clean your high windows. When you hire an able-bodied window cleaning professional, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to step foot on your unsteady ladder. Let the right team handle your next high window cleaning.

Too Tired After a Long Week

When it comes to your weekend, you want to keep your days open and relaxing.  Why let a beautiful Sunday go by and be stuck inside cleaning your dirty windows? Let qualified professionals wash your windows quickly and efficiently. You can rest easy knowing the job will be completed without you lifting a single finger.

Your Windows are Tinted

When your windows are tinted or have film on them, the last thing you want to do is handle the cleaning yourself. You spent extra in order for your home to have privacy and you want them to serve their purpose for years to come. Professional window cleaners have experience working with tinted windows and know exactly how to keep them at their best.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

There are many items and products that professionals use, to which they have become accustomed; yet, you may not have these items or know how to use them properly. From a tall ladder, to non-ionic cleaners, to streak-free drying solutions, the equipment professional window cleaners use can exceed your expectations. Instead of buying everything yourself and letting your weekend drift away in incessant cleaning,  get in touch with a team that you know can get the job done right and in a time-efficient manner.

If you have tried other window cleaners only to come up short, get in touch with a team you know you can count on. Here at Ernest Windows, Inc we have years of hands-on experience and are here to help bring your windows back to life.

What Makes Your Windows Dirty?

The amount of dirt collecting on your windows can be cleaned by a simple window washing service, but are you curious how your windows got dirty in the first place? From pets and kid’s leaving prints on the glass, to airborne particles such as pollen and smoke, the grime on windows may be coming from common actions inside and outside of the house. Follow along in this blog to find out what’s making your windows dirty!

Pets and Handprints

The mess of everyday life can be left behind on your windows if you have kids or pets. Handprints from dirty fingers or paws scratching on the glass are common in a busy household, but aren’t the most ideal situation for your windows. Even your own hands and fingerprints will leave residue from the natural oils on your skin.

Waterborne Minerals

Outside of your home, you might be tempted to point the hose at your dirty windows, but stop right there! The ground water coming out of your faucet and hose contains minerals and sediments. It’s harmless to drink, but if you try to clean glass with it, all those particles will be left over. Once the water dries, it can leave unwanted spots and streaks.

Airborne Contaminants

Pollen is another factor to consider, as the wind picks up the pesky spores and sticks them on the outside glass. In the same way, dirt blown from wind and moved around by rain can have your windows appearing cloudy, which is probably not the look you’re going for. Unfortunately, this dirt can also get pulled into your heating and air conditioning system and wind up on the inside of your windows too!


The buildup of dirt and grime on your windows can make your home’s appearance look less than satisfactory. Get your windows clear and bright by contacting the team at Ernest Windows. We provide expert window washing services for the inside and outside of your home. Visit our website for more information!

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