After you have finished cleaning a window, you step back and look at it closely. Are there remaining spot marks? Do you see streaks across the glass where you just wiped? If so, you may be cleaning your windows the wrong way. This can be annoying when you have to repeat your cleaning job. In this blog, we discuss window-washing mistakes you’re making!

Cleaning Windows on a Sunny Day

Bright, sunny days seem like the perfect opportunity to clean your windows, right? While the sun can dry your windows quickly, this can also work against your cleaning strategy. Your lather and cleaning products can dry before you have the chance to wash them, leaving behind unwanted streaks and marks. Instead of rushing around, it is recommended to wash on a cloudy day. This allows more time to properly wash and wipe away the cleaning product.

Using the Wrong Materials to Dry

If you are drying your windows with a hand towel, dishrag, or old sock, you might want to consider another material. The type of drying material you are using can make a huge difference. You are not going to get the results you want with a fibrous towel. Instead, it is best to wipe with a soft, microfiber cloth. It will absorb the water with ease and won’t leave any debris like a normal towel would.

Cleaning One Side, But Not the Other

Cleaning one side of the window is more common than you think. You may think your outside glass is filthier, but this is not true. In fact, “the inside of your windows is probably dirtier. Researchers found that there are more varieties of bacteria and fungi on household surfaces than there are outside. People touch and lean on windows, leaving human oils and bacteria brought in from the outdoors, workplaces, and stores.” So remember to clean both sides!


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