Tinting a building’s windows involves adding custom fitted tinted films to the buildings existing windows. There are different varieties of window films, all of which claim to have specific benefits. In this month’s blog we discuss what to expect when tinting your home’s windows, whether or not it’s worth the investment, and if it will affect how they’re cleaned!

The Pros

Privacy: Well applied tint can significantly improve privacy one can expect to receive in their home. During the daylight hours you’ll still benefit from natural light and an outdoor view without sacrificing privacy or security.

Cost Savings: Depending on your climate, tinted windows can be a great money saving investment when it comes to achieving improved temperature control and reducing fading on furniture and carpets.

Reduced glare: By tinting one or several of your windows you can finally rid yourself of those frustrating glares on your television and computer screens around your home.

Easy to clean: Fortunately, tinting your windows won’t affect how they need to be cleaned, which products need to be used, or how often they need to be cleaned.

The Cons

Not all tints are created equal: Different types of tint may or may not work on your home’s windows, depending on glass compatibility. There are also different qualities of tint to look out for, so it’s crucial your tint is purchased from a reputable and trustworthy source.

Could void your warranty: In some cases tinting new windows can potentially void their warranties. Before adding tint to your windows be sure to check with your window manufacturer to confirm if adding window film will void your warranty or not.

Won’t increase homes value: Unfortunately despite their considerable investment, window films will most likely not increase the value of your home.

Upfront Cost: Fitting and applying window films properly and without bubbles is a slow and laborsome task. Due to this, the cost of tinting your home’s windows can be significant depending on the number and size of the window panels.

Final Thoughts

Did you know the professionals at Ernest Windows are the top window cleaning experts in the greater Chicago community? Our team has experience working with tinted and untinted windows of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions or wish to set up an appointment please contact us call us at (800) 270-6228.