When you need to clean your outdoor areas, the quickest way for a deep clean is with a power washer. The force of the water with an added solution removes dirt and grime with ease. However, the art of power washing is a learned skill. There are instances where you can actually damage your property if you don’t power wash correctly. Continue reading to learn more.

Don’t Do This

Power washing doesn’t require a lot of skill, but you do need a little knowledge. When it comes time to power washing your hardscapes, it’s important to have the correct settings and techniques. What do we mean by this? For concrete and pavers, you’ll need a nozzle setting that has the appropriate pressure. As far as technique, you don’t want your water pressure to be too high or too low. You also don’t want to hold it too close to the concrete. These tips are essential to follow so you can avoid damage.

The Potential Damage

If you power wash incorrectly, the damage is difficult to reverse. Visible damage is usually in the form of pitting, lines, and surface degradation. You can also harm the mortar in between bricks and disperse the sand in the pavers. This could potentially ruin your installation and you could end up spending more to repair it. In addition, the runoff from the power washer can spoil your grass and plants. Try to direct the runoff into a dirt or gravel area.


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