How do window washers get glass windows so clean and shiny? Well it all depends on what they have in their cleaning bucket. Most window experts are equipped with the essential items, such as microfiber cloths and scrapers. However, we’ve listed a few more items that are key to have the high shine you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn more!


Washing specialists utilize a larger, wider bucket for cleaning supplies with poles and other attachments. Buckets with handles and a rolly feature are also a plus. It’s much simpler to haul supplies when you have the right bucket for the job. Typical window cleaning buckets can be found at local stores, but if you’re looking for a specialty container, then you might have to search online.


Squeegees can be purchased almost anywhere, but finding a quality squeegee is important if you want to properly wash a window. Window Washer comments, “Good quality squeegees will usually come assembled from three pieces. The handle, the channel and the piece of rubber supported by the channel. The rubber can be turned over when it gets old, and then replaced when both sides have worn out.” There are also various sizes of squeegees to match your window washing needs.


Even with a little hard work, some window washing jobs require a scraper. The scraper allows to get close to the glass to remove buildup and other junk. Small safety scrapers can be used for light maintenance, while large scrapers can be fitted onto a pole for larger areas. Be warned: scrapers CAN scratch the glass. It’s best to let a professional do this part!


The pros have their own formula that they use, but you can pick up window washing formula from your local store. The best formulas are the ones that get nice and soapy. With more suds, the rubber part of your squeegee can easily glide across the glass and remove any dirt/grease without any difficulty.


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