Have you ever stared at a perfectly clean window? Did you contemplate if the window was even there? When it comes to cleaning windows and other glass items, it’s essential to use the proper products to get that clear, sparkly shine. Your cleaning supplies can make a difference between a spotless window and a window left with unattractive smudges and streaks. Continue reading to learn more about which items you should have in your wash bucket!

Glass Cleaner

Grab your cleaner of choice, but make sure to look at the ingredient label first. Is there ammonia or alcohol mixed in? Unfortunately, these agents can cause unwanted marks on your window. They can even produce a layer of film on the surface, which can attract dust and particles. If you’re going to use a solution, opt for a commercial cleaner or a make your own DIY vinegar and water mix.

Cleaning Cloth

As you’re wiping away the remaining solution, reach for a cleaning cloth with a microfiber material. The material itself is designed to remove bacteria from surfaces, without leaving any streaks on your glass. Have paper towels nearby instead? That’s fine too. Just don’t make the mistake of using a regular cloth towel. The material might not pick up the residue from the solution, or if it’s new, it can leave behind fluffy fibers.


For those tough spots that won’t go away, it’s important to be gentle. Scraping or scratching at the glass can damage the window and ruin the interior/exterior appearance. Instead, apply a solvent like acetone or rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and rubbing it directly on the spot. Wipe it dry and then continue to clean your window as you would normally.


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