After you’ve achieved the status of best looking deck on the block, it’s crucial that you protect your new asset to the best of your abilities. Sealing or staining a wooden deck is not only the best way to ensure it can stand the test of time, but doing so is also ideal for improving and preserving its overall look and finish. Below is a small list of a few of your decks worst enemies and more information on how you can fight back.

Limit Exposure to Moisture

Every type of weather has its own unique way of working against your deck. Rain, snow and extremely cold temperatures can all have detrimental effects on vulnerable and untreated wood. Sealing rather than staining a wooden deck is the best way to keep water damage specifically at bay all year long.

UV Protection

Sun and high temperatures not only fade the color of wood but also leave it susceptible to becoming overly dry. To work against this, purchasing a sealer specifically with UV protection can help keep the wood looking natural, and prevent it from turning gray. A transparent sealer will protect and enhance the woods natural finish whereas a more solid colored sealer will provide optimum UV protection but can take away from its natural appearance.

Avoid Cracking

The combination of repeated use and exposure to moisture and other types of weather can ultimately lead to cracks, missing boards, and an overall loss of structural integrity in your deck. When neglected, cracks can quickly become dangerous and will oftentimes require professional repairs. Sealing and staining treatments are the best ways to protect your deck against the harsh weather that can lead to dangerous and unsightly cracks in a wood deck.


Your deck should be a place where you can combine a love for the outdoors with the comfort of home. A seal or stain treatment will not only save you a ton of money, it will also leave your deck looking as beautiful as ever before. Save your valuable time and money today by trusting the pros at Ernest Windows, Inc. to keep your deck looking its best for years to come.