Pressure washing your home always seems like a fun task to do. Now that spring is here, you might be considering spring cleaning your home and washing away all that winter left behind. And although using a pressure washing machine is fun, you shouldn’t get too carried away because there are plenty of areas that should not be pressure washed in order to prevent any damage to your home. Read along to learn about of few areas that you should refrain from washing with a pressure washer.

Wood Siding

If you are not a professional at using a power or pressure washer, we suggest staying away from washing your home’s wood siding. Yes, it is possible to wash these with your machine as long as your using the correct pressure, but if done incorrectly it could lead to damaging results. By using too much pressure, the water can puncture through the surface of the wood and damage insulation, electrical wiring, and can even initiate mold growth. If you are looking to wash wood or any other type of siding, call on us to provide you with clean and safe results.

Painted Surfaces

Unless you are looking to remove paint (although it is not recommended that it is done with a pressure washer) you should not use a pressure washer on painted surfaces. Pressure washing causes paint to chip, which is why it should be used in low pressure mode.


After winter, your gutters might have plenty of residue left on them that will seem tempting to wash away with a pressure washer. Don’t! Gutters are best cleaned by removing whatever is in them by hand and then washed with a less intense water flow. They are able to withstand rainstorms or snowstorms, but the intensity of a pressure washer is more severe and can damage your gutters, causing you an extra expense to have them repaired or replaced.

Overall, these are only a few of the surfaces that we suggest you keep your machine away from. If you are unsure of what surfaces can be cleaned and which cannot, we suggest you rely on a professional. Here at Ernest Windows, we take great care of your home and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best results at affordable. For pressure washing services in the Bartlett, IL area, call on us.