DIYer’s and professionals have one thing in common: they come prepared for any project. So if you’re planning on staining your deck to a different color, or perhaps want to add another coat, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. In this blog, we discuss a few pro tips, so follow along to learn more about deck staining!

Prepping Your Surface

First and foremost, your deck needs to be prepped before application. Why you ask? Well according to Consumer Reports, “the wood needs to be free of dirt and stains for the stain to adhere properly.” Sweeping with a broom helps, along with sanding down any splintered areas. Another way to thoroughly clean your deck is by using a pressure washer, which can get in between cracks and crevices.

Selecting Your Brushes

Depending on your level of experience with staining, the easiest way to apply each coat is with a roller. Consumer Reports states “use one with a nap that’s ¼ inch or shorter. That lets you apply a thin layer of stain that adheres to wood without pooling.” Rollers can cover a greater surface area and provide an even coverage to the wood. Similarly, brushes provide detailed strokes and allow the stain to settle directly where you want it.

Choosing Your Stain Type

Some of the most common stain types on the market are solid, semitransparent, and clear stains. Solid stains have a highly pigmented finish that can last for years; however, it’s important to know you can’t apply other coats over it because it will clog the wood’s pores. With a semitransparent or clear stain, the finish will be glossy and give you the right amount of color and shine you’re looking for.

Applying Your Stain

Ready to paint your first coat? Dip directly into the stain and use long, even strokes for the best results. Also, applying your stain with a thin coat can prevent puddles from forming. These puddles won’t soak into the wood and will eventually chip off, which is something you don’t want to happen. So take your time brushing it onto the wood and you’re sure to have a beautifullooking deck when you’re done!

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