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Gutters in Spring: Rain Overflowing

Fresh flowers blooming and the warm weather of spring are something to look forward to after a cold and harsh winter. However, spring cleaning is around the corner for many homes and maintenance is essential. One thing to include when making a list for your spring cleaning is your gutter system. Gutters struggle through winter because heavy ice and snow put a heavy load on your channels. As a result, the trenches loosen and pull away from your home. Here are some ways to prevent future damage to your gutter system and home.


As the weather warms up, your gutters and downspouts need inspecting, cleaning, and repairing before spring rains begin. The gutter system will be ready to handle heavy downpours that are usually associated with difficult rainstorms. Unpredicted storms damage gutter systems where they fall off or give no protection to the roof. When you have a broken gutter and downspout, it harms all interior items within your household. Damaged or clogged drains can damage your home, like water from a full gutter will sometimes back up on the roof, which can creep under the shingle and down to the ceiling and walls of your home. 

Unprepared Consequences

Leaving your gutters in bad condition leads to water falling inside your house, falling upon your furniture, clothes, carpet, and more. If your gutters are left unchecked, water overflowing from the gutters can lead to soil erosion, landscape damage, basement, and foundational flood. Not cleaning your gutters raises the chances of your gutters and downspouts clogging. To prevent this, clear your downspout by running water from a garden hose down the top to the bottom. The water needs to be at least five feet from the foundation of your home. If your downspout is not five feet away, then it is highly recommended to buy a downspout extender to be transported safely from your house.


It can be a hassle trying to clean your gutters properly, especially if you haven’t done it for a while. Keeping the gutter system free of leaves, debris, and more can help you from any consequences.  One of the ways to make sure that you protect your home is by contacting Ernest Windows. We are a certified gutter installer and help our customers save time and money with our gutter cleaning services. Call us today at (630) 830-9867 or visit our website to help you with your gutter system. 

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

It’s understandable that cleaning your gutters isn’t on top of your to-do list, especially if there’s only a few leaves. However, the accumulation of dirt and debris can become an issue for your roof. Pest problems and structural damage are just some of the reasons why maintenance cleaning is needed. Learn more about what happens when you don’t clean your gutters!

Pest Problems

If there is an abundance of leaves and dirt filling your gutters, it can create an environment for bugs and critters. Animals such as birds, mice, and squirrels may choose to use your gutter as their new home, which is something you don’t want. Additionally, standing water from rain can attract mosquitoes and form a breeding ground for the mosquitoes to thrive.

Structural Damage

When the rainy season hits, it’s essential to clear away debris in your gutters. According to The SpoutOff, clogged gutters cause soil erosion, shift the foundation, destroy gardens, flood basements and puts cracks in the foundation, walls, and even the chimney. Dealing with water damages such as these can be expensive to repair.

Messy Appearance

As a homeowner, you want to maintain the curb appeal of your home. However, if you have dirty gutters, they are definitely noticeable to guests and neighbors and just simply unattractive. Stay on top of cleaning by hiring a professional service to remove old foliage, caked on dirt, and other materials.

Final Thoughts

Look no further for gutter cleaning services than Ernest Windows. We keep your gutters clean and free flowing so you don’t have to worry about clogging. Call for a free quote or consultation by calling (800)-270-6228.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Most people have gutters outlining their house. Gutters have a fairly important purpose, which means you should invest in proper protection for them! If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of gutter guards are, be sure to finish reading this month’s blog!


Gutter guards can seem unnecessary, however there are tons of preventative means that guards provide. Guards can prevent your basement from flooding due to a backup of water and gunk in your gutters. The guards will simply allow for water to continue moving. Guards also prevent from mildew and mold. When water sits in your gutters mold and other gross things begin to grow. Mildew can be potentially dangerous to those living in your home. Making sure that it can’t grow is key. Going along with this, guards also protect from roof damage that may occur from left over water growing bacteria’s, which can spread to your roof. Beside growing living bacteria, wet and dirty gutters can house pests. Anything from rodents to bugs can make a home within the dirty leaves and water that collect in your gutter. Pests in or on your home is a whole different problem of it’s own! Without gutter guards, the way to protect your home is going to require pretty regular gutter cleanings. If you do it yourself, it’s important to remember that cleaning can be dangerous! If you hire someone, you are paying for a service that is unnecessary. 


Gutter guards are a great way to prevent bad mildew and pests from making home on your rooftop. Instead of paying for pricey cleanings and or risking an injury to clean it yourself, we suggest gutter guards! For more information on different types and the installation process, be sure to check out Ernest Windows!

Moisture: Your Home’s Number One Enemy

The outside of your home serves as the barrier between you and the elements, and while it ideally functions fine, rough weather can cause damage and leave behind issues long after the rain and wind have passed. The heavy Illinois rains and cold winters can cause contaminants to hide in your home’s siding like mold, dirt, and mildew! This can grow over time if left unchecked, extending all the way from mold buildup to partial renovations and even foundation issues.

When water is left to evaporate on its own after a weather event, it can sometimes pool against your house’s foundation. Not only does this cause cracks and the eventual decay of your home’s infrastructure, but the excessive rain and moisture will affect your siding and cause dirt and grime buildup. This is the perfect situation for mold and mildew, who use moisture remnants like this to grow in and around your home.

All too easily mold wreaks havoc on your house’s exterior, eating away at the outside walls and causing massive amounts of expenses in renovations and repairs. Now, while the weather is something that is out of everyone’s control, with one or two simple yet important tips from us you can help protect your home from its effects and save money down the road!

The Art of Pressure Washing

When facing safety hazards such as mold or foundation cracks, it is always the little things that can save us time, money, and energy in the end. While mold is caused by leftover moisture that sits and festers on the siding, concrete foundation, wood and more, a simple solution is present.

Twice-annual pressure washing sessions are recommended for all homeowners for their driveways, exterior walls, gutters and more. When using a pressure washer we fight water with water, shooting water through a highly-pressured system; this clears away the old moisture and minimal debris that have settled around your house. Again, it is the little things like regular home upkeep that will ensure your home’s longevity and condition.

Additionally, pressure washing your home will decrease the chance of mildew build up and clear your driveway of all the weeds that ruin its pristine feel, keeping your curbside appeal at the top of the range.

Get Your Debris Out of the Gutter

The second tip we have for you draws attention to a feature of your home that is often forgotten about, looked over and it’s importance diminished. When the heavy rains melt away the Illinois Winter snow from your roof, where does it all go? Your gutter system is the main reason that your house is protected from a large amount of rainwater, and your landscape is protected for that matter. Your gutters do this by carrying away the water flow from your home and down the street drain, away from your property where it can’t cause damage.

When all is well, you never notice your gutters. However, if a section is broken, blocked, or has a leak, that is when you pay attention and recognize it needs repairs as soon as possible. This is why we recommend biannual inspections for your home gutters, to make sure they are working properly!

Simple things like annual inspections, pressure washing, and gutter maintenance can stop leaks and other issues before they even happen. General upkeep can also reduce the blemishes that are present on the exterior of your home while keeping it looking spotless. Maintaining the little things can and will help your home be there for you to build memories in the years to come!

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