When working properly, gutters aid our home drainage system, but there’s a reason that the word gutter has become synonymous with “the lowest or most vulgar level or condition of human life.” The gunk that gutters get clogged with often gets in the way of what they were designed to do. If you’re fed up with gutter problems, gutter guards might brighten your day quite a bit! Below is a list of some of the wonderful benefits of having gutter guards.

Animal Infestation Prevention

Oh, why does the animal kingdom have to be full of members who adore making themselves at home in damp, dark spaces? But alas, that is where we find ourselves. These creatures not only like to crowd the gutter, but sometimes even band together in symbiosis, to triple the damage. Some of the most notorious culprits include mildew, lichen, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, and rats. But why put up with this monstrous infestation when gutter guards are available? Gutter guards can keep your rainwater flow free of pests by preventing these critters from entering.

Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Clogging Prevention

Fungi and arthropods aren’t the only things that invade gutters. Debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt can pile up in gutter water, making it overflow or clog. Like an artery with a buildup of plaque and cholesterol, a clogged gutter can cause damage to a building’s structure as well as make some wooden roofs rot. Regularly cleaning rain gutters and having proper gutter guards, however, can help gutters maintain the consistent flow of liquid.

Water Damage Prevention

So what happens when things clog up a gutter? All that water has to go somewhere. Unless the whole gutter bursts, the water would travel upward and seep into places it can. Of course, all the moisture would be devastating for the integrity of the building, especially for walls and ceilings, and then these compromises would make those weakened spots hotbeds for mold and mildew. Solution? Gutter guards! Putting in these protections would help dry areas stay dry and keep water from seeping into places it shouldn’t be in.


Your gutter doesn’t have to be a haven for nests and spider webs. With gutter guards, a gutter can be organized, kempt, and easy to clean. For gutter guard installation services, simply contact Ernest Windows! If you’re earnestly in need of realigning your gutters to their correct pitch and sealing them with silicon, know that the installers at Ernest Windows are out to do just that!