With the colder months quickly approaching now is the time to make sure your wood deck is properly sealed and ready for these colder temperatures. Keep reading to discover why it’s a good idea to seal your deck now rather than wait till winter.

When to Seal

While it’s recommended to seal your deck, learning when to seal it is just as important. Make sure the weather will be clear with no chance of rain for at least one to two days before and after the sealing process.

Water pooling on a sealed wooden deck.
Water pooling on a sealed wooden deck.


Freezing and thawing temperatures greatly affect wood decks. Water and wood don’t mix well, so when it is exposed to drastic weather changes, it causes the wood to expand and contract. With the constant temperature changes, the fibers become brittle, thereby leading to breakage and a worn appearance. In order to prevent future maintenance and work on your deck in the spring, be sure to properly seal it during the fall season. 

Keep Out Water

Sealing your deck places a protective barrier between the wood and any moisture in the air. Winter weather has a tendency to throw everything from snow and rain to sleet and wind, which are all weather conditions that could damage your wood deck over time. In order to guarantee the sealant is effectively protecting your deck throughout the entire season, be sure to seal it as close to winter as possible.

A wooden deck with water drops on it.
A wooden deck with water drops on it.

Protection from Shoveling and Chemical Items

Removing snow is necessary to protect your deck, but some snow removal methods can be harmful. An unsealed deck can be susceptible to damages from snow shovels. Some homeowners use a chemical snow remover, which can damage the wood. However a properly sealed deck can offer protection against chemical and weather-based concerns. A helpful tip is to use a plastic shovel and go with the planks rather than against them to prevent chipping or other types of damage.


The winter season is approaching and getting your wooden deck sealed is highly important. Not only does a sealant protect against changing temperature and water in the air, it also prevents future maintenance costs as well. Ernest Windows Inc. is here to offer you excellent deck sealing services you can count on.