So you’ve had those beloved windows cleaned and wiped by pressure washers. The surfaces look marvelous by way of their reflecting and glistening. And as long as they don’t shatter or crack, they must be fine now, right? Well, the reality is that there are many perils with even the most hygienically washed glass surfaces.


You might have seen those brutal instances of children killing ants for amusement by generating a laser beam with sunlight and a magnifying glass. Well, the same science is at work when you expose yourself to window-penetrating sunlight at home. When the intensity of the light makes its way to your curtains or other easily flammable material, the heated item can easily burst into flames. To avoid such scenarios, installing a proper window film and window shades should be the way to go.

Sunlight beam glistens on a building's window.

Furniture damage

After you have obtained those safe curtains and quality window films, you might be surprised as you land on the sofa to take a break. The searing temperatures on that bright spot on your sofa is a result of the sunlight baking its surface. To avoid such events, consider putting a protective cover or blanket on the sofa. If you have valuable antiques and heirlooms near the window, those should also be put far away for safekeeping.

Faded cane furniture.


When the sun shines beautifully, it’s often easy to think that the radiance of the sunlight will give the consistent amount of warmth for good. However, this is the way of the frog of the boiling water. And this is why putting baby cribs and pet kennels right in front of the window is not a good idea should the sun make an appearance. Newborns and puppies cannot fend for themselves, and we must anticipate the dangers that can threaten them. Just like being entrapped behind car windows on a sweltering day can be fatal, so can being entrapped behind domestic windows.

A girl and a dog look out the window on a sunny day.


There are many other hidden dangers when it comes to window safety. Practicing rational and clear thinking can save not just our material possessions, but our very lives. If you wish to become more informed about how to prepare your windows so that they can be their best, feel free to consult Ernest Windows today!